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We all love our blenders. They pulse, chop, mix, whip, puree (and of course blend) at the push of a button. They make the best smoothies, soups, and exotic concoctions, and do so while helping us lose weight, become healthier and enjoy life. In short, our little wizards perform some serious magic!

As much as we love our blenders however, they do have a dark side; they are temperamental. Most are loud, rigid and hard to clean. Moreover, they are absolutely incapable of knowing when enough-is-enough; mixing a recipe that should take 30 seconds for 60, 75 or even 90 seconds, and overshooting the mark along the way; mashed potatoes become potato soup if we’re not careful!

About 101Blenders.com

At 101Blenders.com we help you find the perfect blender for your needs and budget. We conduct extensive market research about what you, the customer, wants and needs from their blender. When designing the site, we interviewed several different panels of men, women and couples, and overwhelmingly, they came back with the same seven criteria: Quality of Blend, Power, Sturdiness, Clean-Up, Noise, Jar Size and the # 1 criteria? . . . "Looks."

We were a little surprised at "Looks," but upon reflection we came to the same conclusion that our panels did; a blender is "Kitchen Art" for 23 hours and 59 minutes of every day, so it needs to perform and look great! And our selections do just that.

About the Team?

We are a team of MBAs from Northwestern University's Kellogg School. As one would expect from graduates of Kellogg, we have an extensive background in market research, buying behavior and product evaluation; further we utilize these elements heavily in the blender reviews inside.

So jump in, click around, and locate your perfect blender, we're here to help!

Team 101Blenders.com

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